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FAQ - IGNITION back to main faq page

Can the suppression ignition wires (DW600 or DW800) be used with the Dyna S ignition coils (DC1-1) to good effect or would the non-suppressed wires be the more effective choice?
The suppression wires are used to cut down on the RF signal when using a Dyna 2000, however on the Dyna S they are not needed, as the RF signal is not an issue with the Dyna S. If you wish to run them they will work fine, but the solid core wires (DW200) will work as well.

If my particular model is not listed in the applications section, can I adapt on to my model?
All Dynatek ignitions are developed to be model specific. We do not advocate or recommend fitment to any models for which it was not designed. However, we are familiar with some adaptations, please call or email. Feel free to email your specific model information (year, make, model, and engine size) to Info@dynaonline.com along with the type of product you are seeking. We maintain files on applications we do not currently have available and review them periodically for consideration in incorporating them into our line up.

What type of spark plug wires should I use?
The Dyna 2000 Series ignition requires a good quality suppression core / resistor wire for optimum performance. Use of a copper core wire may result in poor or erratic performance, unless used with the stock resistor plug cap.

What coils should I use?
The stock coils will usually work fine. To optimize the spark output to its full potential, use Dyna performance coils.

What spark plugs should I use?
In most cases, the stock spark plug and cap will work great. For heavily modified motors, consult with your engine builder for their recommendations, as incorrect spark plug may result in severe engine damage or loss of performance.

Why does my Dyna S spark continuously when I am charging the battery?
Battery chargers constantly switch between high and low voltage. The Dyna S sees this as the ignition being switched on and off resulting in the constant spark described above.


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