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I am putting a CB650 cam in my CB550 engine. I want to order the DP592 pistons for my 1976 CB550 but I am not clear with the differences between the 3 options. Do you have any further specs on the pistons and sizes? I need to determine which piston gives clearance with a 650 cam.

Our DP592/61S or DP592/61R both have large valve pockets that will work with the CB650 cam. The only difference between them is the compression ratio. If you are building for maximum power the 61R pistons with our DP335 cam works much better than the stock CB650 cam, however the DP335 is a lot of cam for the street unless you are a canyon racer on the weekends.




The valve springs I ordered were for a 1977 CB750F2, but the Kibblewhite package that came in states that its for Honda SOHC 1969-1976. The number under the barcode is 30-0307.

The springs are correct for all years of the SOHC 750s, however when installing them in your F2 the copper washers must be installed under the spring bases to achieve the proper seat pressure.

In the box with your valve springs you will find the copper plated base washers. They need to be placed under the stock spring bases on the 77-78 F2 models. You remove the valve stem seals and then remove the spring bases and place the copper shims on the head, then install the spring base and valve guide seal on top of them.

I’m wondering if your valve spring kits (Kibblewhite) for a 1978 CB550 come with the outer
and the inner springs?

Yes, the KPMI valve springs come with the inner and outer spring.





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